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Tanpura(tamboura)two type
1. For ladies size 4 ft.
2. For gents having size 4 1/2 ft.
made by red shitter wood and natural pumkin
made by red shitter wood & 
bridge fitted on the leather having one brass metal gourd for reasonance
Single Pumkin Miraj 
made Sitar for beginner
Single Pumkin 
Calcutta make Sitar for beginner
Double Pumkin
Calcutta make sitar for professionals
Tanpuri (tambouri)
Small size
use as a Instrumental Tanpura
accompain with sitar and santoor
santoor having 31 bridges
each bridge having 3 strings
mean total 93 strings
Swarmandal (Harp)
having 36 strings
Mandolin and Violin
full size
6 strings spanish box Guitar
Full size