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Full size Tabla Pair
Tabla made by rosewood and dagga called bayan made by brass Nickel plated
goat skins fitted with goat leather strap
Dholki and Dholak
first left Dholki screw type & right side Dholak
made by lime wood
Mrudung (Pakhawaj)
one leather rope type mrudung
one screw type mrudung
made by limewood
use for bhajan and chanting
Congo Drum Set
Made by Rose wood.
Full size, folding type, 
with ring type folding stand.
Tumba Set 
full size made of fibre body
1.Coconut made Kabbas
2. Ghungroo pad
3. Hand Tambourine
(Hand Khanjiri)
4. Metal Kabbas
size 8" & 10"
fibre body
without skin 
brass nickel plated zingles
size 8" & 10" fitted 
with plastic skin
fibre body
screw type
fitted with brass zingles

Dancing Bells(Ghungroo)

1. 2 lines & 3 lines fitted on leather belt
2. fitted in ropes
3. loose ghungroo

1. Manjira small size
2. Tal big size
3. Zanj small size
4. Zanj big size
all made by Bronze metal